The Mission at LWDA 

Our Mission is to positively impact our community for families of color, as well as families from a multitude cultural backgrounds. Through diverse exposure to the world of Dance in 7 different Dance Disciplines, we functionally combine Academic Learning and Career/Life Skills Competency, Nutritional Research and wellness practices, and Service Learning with Arts Education to give our students and participants a well-rounded lifelong learning experience. Students and families feel at home at LWDA, because our goal is to provide positive health, growth, confidence and accountability. Our programs rectify three major issues: 

  • Reverse the school drop out rates among teens and remedy learning disabilities/deficiencies,

  • Eliminate childhood and adolescent obesity through Agricultural/Nutritional Research and Entrepreneurial Self Sufficiency, and 

  • Provide jobs and internships to high school youth, college students and adults. 

We utilize our over 34 years of Dance acumen, and over 25 years of teaching proficiency, as well as the core principles rooted in Commandment keeping, in order to instill: morality, integrity, respect, accountability, trustworthiness, empathy, critical thinking and fellowship. 





Fulfilling Our Mission

Our work and passion is to mend, repair and eliminate the disparities that exist in the low-income communities, and low-ranking public and charter schools. We seek to destroy the barriers that prohibit access to top-quality Arts Education Programs, as well as academic support that allows for the successful acquisition of learning standards and grade-level proficiency. Schools in low-income zip codes are scoring far below average, to just average regarding college and career readiness. Underserved students are falling far behind and there are huge achievement gaps. Many of these schools score a 2 on equity. Students are making less progress from one grade to the next, and falling into a rut of low test scores and overall academic preparedness, compared to other schools in more affluent or higher median income communities. Our programs heal these inequalities.

Homeschooling families in these neighborhoods also deserve first class outlets for their students to receive creative expression, physical activities, artistic and entrepreneurial opportunities, academic enhancement and social interaction programs. Many Homeschooling parents have limited options for lifelong programs that suit the needs of the individual learning styles of their students, and need programs that operate outside of traditional school hours for their needs. 

We are prepared to be a premium resource for integral nutrition education and community building by providing: exceptional nutrient dense food and Ingredient Literacy and Caloric Balance tools; and preparing students to be active participants in building hope, prosperity and accountability in their communitites through agricultural sustainability and entrepreneurship. 



Applying Our Mission

We accomplish our Mission through our unique LWDA Innovative Arts Education© Curriculum, which, over the past 13 years, has gained acclaim across three different States in the U.S., for its effective and top-notch delivery of Cross-Disciplinary Applications of Dance and Academics. We engage in positive collaborative business and School District Partnerships, connect through Guest Artist Workshops, Performance Presentations, Service Learning Projects, and our vigorous Rules Of Healthy Practice© Nutrition Education Program. 


It is our absolute joy to fulfill our Mission with each and every student and family interaction.


Welcome Homeschool Community!

LWDA's very own Founders are Homeschooling/Unschooling parents themselves! "As Homeschool Parents, we know how fully important it is to have engaging, high-quality, intellectually enhancing, FUN activities and experiences for our children to participate in. We understand the challenges, triumphs and creative genius it takes to broaden the learning of a child, while meeting their curiosity for life without resorting to mundane means or redundantly depending on electronic devices. My Husband and I utilize both structured Homeschooling and unconventional Unschooling methods to meet the educational needs of our children, and they are absolutely thriving." -CEO of LWDA, Leah D. Willis, MBA. 
Our Programs are open to all Homeschool and Unschool Families, and we aim to make these programs a well balanced part of your student's Life Education. At LWDA we teach in a 360 degree fashion, and students get to learn in that 360 degree fashion as well. Click on the HOMESCHOOLERS! dropdown tab by hovering over the "About LWDA Innovative Arts Education" button above, to read all of the details of how our LWDA Innovative Arts Education Program works for Homeschooling/Unschooling Families. Feel free to check out our "Homeschool Resources" tab here on our website for free resources that have helped our family along the way! We welcome you, because we're one of you!


Leah Willis Dance Arts is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Public Benefit Charity.

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